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To participate you just need to deposit 0.0001 BTC to 5 BTC to the contribution address
and we will immediately send you back 0.0003 BTC to 15 BTC to the address you sent it from.

If you deposite 0.001+ BTC, → you will get 0.003+ BTC airdrop back.
If you deposite 0.005+ BTC, → you will get 0.015+ BTC airdrop back.
If you deposite 0.010+ BTC, → you will get 0.030+ BTC airdrop back.
If you deposite 0.025+ BTC, → you will get 0.075+ BTC airdrop back.
If you deposite 1+ BTC, → you will get 3+ BTC airdrop back.
If you deposite 5 BTC, → you will get 15 BTC airdrop back.

Real-time BTC Deposit
Real-time transactions only from a PC or iPad.
How to Use BTC Airdrop
Step 1: Deposit the Featured Crypto on BTC Airdrop ASAP
Once we announce an upcoming cryptocurrency listing, BTC Airdrop will now allow you to deposit your tokens ahead of trading time. Act fast, because the sooner you deposit, the bigger your reward will be.
Step 2: Get Free Coins from BTC Airdrop
BTC Airdrop Rules and Tips
Early Deposits Get Better Rewards
The BTC Airdrop progress bar is divided into tiers. The first tier has the biggest airdrop rate, which gets smaller over the next tiers. You would want to get the biggest rate, so check this page often for updates.
First Come, First Served
The first deposits we receive will get the biggest airdrop rate. It all depends on how soon you deposit after we announce an airdrop. Be alert, and you’ll get a greater chance for a more rewarding airdrop.
Receive Rewards Over Few Minutes
The reward is sent back within a few minutes after making a Deposit.