Page last updated: August 1, 2020

Bitcoin Community

Bitcoin community is an association of people, that own and use bitcoin, are interested in its spread and participate in discussion about its future development. Bitcoin community consists of regular bitcoin users, crypto enthusiasts, tech developers, media, financial institutions and various startups. Bitcoin community may be established because of different reasons, for example, bitcoin miner’s communities are established around mining process and cryptocurrency exchanges are gathering bitcoin trading communities, both of which vary with people involved. Bitcoin communities turned out to be dedicated, robust and genuinely interested in the future of bitcoin, actively debating over different precedents, decisions and ideas that affect bitcoin’s future. Most of bitcoin community’s activity is presented on online forums of multiple websites.

Online communities

Hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts gather in these online forums to share news, talk about recent developments, debate technical issues, and imagine the future.


Every month, there are major Bitcoin events around the world. Consider attending one near you to meet more people in the community, learn about employment opportunities, and develop new skills.

Bitcoin Conferences And Events

Bitcoin Meetup Groups

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